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Feeding A New Puppy: An Easy Guide

Published on Oct 10, 2019

What Should I Feed My Puppy?

There are so many choices when it comes to feeding your puppy! From raw diets to dry food and everything in between. We suggest you have a look at all the options to see what suits you best. Many furbaby parents in New Zealand feed dry food because it is a convenient way to feed a complete and balanced diet. We’re focused on dry food because it is the most popular type of food in New Zealand, and we’re all about mixing convenience with health.

As with all things you get what you pay for in pet food. Generally speaking, supermarket foods are cheaper but nutritionally substandard, and at the other end, a lot of fancy dry foods can be quite pricey. Feed My Furbaby is sold directly to you on a subscription, so our food is of better value than comparable foods. It’s right up there with the very best ‘premium’ dry food available in New Zealand but closer to supermarket prices.

How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?

Every dog is a little different. Regardless of breed, age or size, all dogs have their nutritional requirements - as their age, weight and activity changes, so too do their dietary needs. Feed My Furbaby tailors a feeding plan to your dog and sends you accurate feeding instructions with every box of dog food. As your pup gets older, or more physically active, they will need more or less food which we can adjust as their lifestyle changes.

Initially, you’ll want to be feeding your puppy three to four small meals a day. As they’re growing and developing they’ll need lots of calories for their smaller size. Puppies need about twice the amount of calories as an adult dog, but they have little tummies, so it is essential to feed them 3-4 times a day.

As they get closer to an adult, you can reduce to two meals a day.

Use our onsite calorie calculator to estimate how many calories a day your pup will need at a certain age, weight and activity level. (Its very typical for puppies to be quite active, so only use the ‘Typical’ Lifestyle setting for young pups).

How Much Will Feeding My Puppy Cost?

When you enter your puppies details in our feeding plan calculator, you can get an idea of the daily cost to feed your pup. To give you some idea, feeding a Labrador sized puppy will cost about $2-3 a day (depending on age) and $3-4 a day for a 30kg active adult (again depending on age and lifestyle).

Life with a new furbaby will never be the same again, and we mean that in the most exciting way! Take the uncertainty of what to feed your pup away with a natural and healthy solution - Feed My Furbaby. This high-quality, complete pet food is perfect for puppies, allowing them to have all the calories and energy they need to thrive.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone about the different options and whether Feed My Furbaby might be the right food for your puppy, please get in touch at the links below.

We always aim to give practical unbiased advice to genuinely help pet parents make the right decision for your puppy and your lifestyle.

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