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We need simple, healthy, sustainable pet food...

Hi, we're Ben and Amy Rennell, Co-founders of Feed My Furbaby. Jack has always been our Furbaby. But when kids came along and life got busier, we found ourselves constantly running out of dog food.
After a busy family morning, and a mad dash to the shop... we decided we’d had enough... “why isn’t there a subscription pet food service in New Zealand?”. So we decided to build it.

Then we opened our eyes! As we started to look at the pet food market we realised its a huge global category dominated by poor nutrition, imported brands, thick plastic packaging and little regard for the planet.

We set about, not just creating convenient, natural, sustainable pet food, but leading a huge global industry towards plastic free pet food.

Our mission is helping humans be the best pet parents we can be. That means taking better care of our pets, our planet and making it so easy you don’t even have to think about it.

Tackling Plastic Packaging in Pet Food


Recyclable & Compostable Packaging

Our goal has always been plastic free pet food. We’ve started with 60% reduced plastic, recyclable and compostable materials... and we will keep getting better.


Smart Packaging

We’ve designed a whole packaging system that minimises all of the packaging materials in getting pet food to you. Not just the bits you see.


New Zealand designed and made

Everything we make is sourced, made and supplied in New Zealand, including our packaging. So we use far less carbon miles, than all the imported brands.

It’s our passion

You only need to look at our packaging and you can see it’s different to anything else in the pet food market... a lot of love has gone into it.

We’re a kiwi fur-family just like you and we look at everything as both pet parents and human parents wanting to leave our kids a better world.