Feed My Furbaby grain free dog food delivery

Pet Food Shouldn't Cost the Earth

Our mission is to improve the health of everyday pets by giving pet parents easier, more affordable access to premium quality, environmentally friendly dog food.

When we started Feed My Furbaby and looked more closely at how dog food could be improved, we were pretty shocked at the aisles and aisles of thick, heavy, plastic bags that are shipped all over the world with little regard for the environment. So, we decided we would set about not just creating sustainable pet food, but also leading a huge global industry towards plastic free pet food. That way, pet parents can finally make responsible choices on behalf of our pets.

here's how we are tackling plastic packaging in pet food...

Our packaging is a recyclable and compostable cardboard box which includes an integrated cut out scoop - no need for plastic cups! We do still have to use some plastic to hold the food and keep it fresh - this is a manufacturing requirement. But, the plastic we use contains up to 60% less plastic than traditional pet food packaging – it is much thinner than normal pet food plastic packaging. We are able to do this because the cardboard packaging keeps the food out of the sunlight and gives it structure (so the thinner plastic does not rip).

We have also designed the packaging to reduce plastic product lifecycle. The same box is used on the production line, for bulk storage then shipped and used by the consumer – there is no ancillary plastic packaging required along the way. We have an Autralaisan Packaging Design Award (PIDA) and Bronze Best Award for the unique design.

The packaging and the food is all made and designed in NZ with NZ ingredients. The beef is grass fed and the chicken is cage free, hormone free and antibiotic free. Chicken is the main ingredient as it uses less resources to produce than other meats. There are no artificial preservatives and it is all natural. The food has a very limited food miles as it goes directly from the manufacture to the customer. We make our food in small batches so it is fresh and there is high turnover.

So whilst there is some plastic in our packaging, we go a long way to improving what is currently available to consumers. We believe we have made a good start and will continue to push the boundaries to improve. Sustainability is a journey and we are striving hard to achieve the best environmental outcomes possible.

We are passionate about sustainability and it is one of the key reasons why we started this business.While the product is currently not plastic free, we believe we have made a good start and will continue to push the boundaries to improve. So we hope you will join us on our journey to sustainable dog food.

I work at Courier Post, and handle your freight daily, and I just wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to see sustainable packaging being implemented in a business plan. Without companies like Feed My Furbaby, a positive environmental business landscape would be impossible.
Kudos to your packaging design team and the executives who approved it! It's the first time (in any product) I've seen a scoop that isn't made of plastic. Know that your ingenuity doesn't go unnoticed. Keep doing what you're doing,

Kindest Regards, Alex