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Our Goal: the healthiest your dog has ever been

Great dog food starts with great ingredients. But it’s how a great recipe is put together that makes the real difference.

High in Protein

Chicken is the number 1 ingredient. Wild caught NZ fish and grass fed NZ beef help provide all the essential amino acids a thriving dog needs.

High in Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Properly balanced Omega 3 and 6 are the key to reducing inflammation and allergies in dogs.

Complete & Balanced Nutrition

A single source diet that exceeds AFFCO requirements for a complete and balanced.
Everything a modern dog needs to thrive.

100% Natural Dog Food

Your dog doesn’t need all those nasty colours, flavours and preservatives.
He needs great natural ingredients in the right amounts. It’s that simple.

  • We source the best natural ingredients right here in New Zealand, and make our great natural dog food locally too.
  • All natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals to give them everything they need.
  • Grain free for a better quality of plant based ingredients. We use peas, potatoes and casava root instead of cheap fillers like wheat, corn, soy and other grains.

What is it made from?

All the good stuff they need and nothing they don’t! Great local ingredients made right here in New Zealand. Click the link below to see a full list of ingredients.

Crude Protein
min 28%
Crude Fat
min 14%
Crude Fibre
max 4%
max 10%
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A healthy recipe designed by Veterinary Nutritionists.

We’ve worked with the best veterinary nutritionists and manufacturing facilities to bring you a truly complete and balanced diet; a single source food that is everything your dog needs and more.

  • All life stages food suited to dogs from Puppy to Senior and everything in between.
  • An ideal balance of ingredients that supports complete animal health no matter what age your dog is.
  • Chicken is the first ingredient. Fish and Beef also support an ideal nutritional profile, adding things like Omega 3 fatty Acids (from fish/ fish oil), Omega 6, Calcium and Iron (from beef).

Feeding a Puppy

Our food is perfect for feeding a puppy. It's designed by leading kiwi veterinary nutritionists to meet international AAFCO standards (or greatly exceed minimums) for an ‘All Life Stages’ furbaby food, giving you confidence they’re getting all their nutritional needs from puppy through to old age.

  • Keep your dog on the same food from puppy through to adulthood and just adjust the meal size.
  • Puppies develop rapidly during the first 12 months of their lives and need all the right nutrients to set them up to thrive.
  • For large breed puppies (likely to be more than 32kgs as an adult) we recommend waiting until they are around 8-10 to move on to our food. Get in touch for advice

Low Allergy Dog Food.

Feed My Furbaby is designed as a low allergy dog food and our unique natural recipe has helped loads of kiwi furbabies with skin and gut issues (check out our reviews). If you know allergies, like we do, you know they’re all different and we love nothing more than making dogs more comfortable. Please get in touch if we might be able to help your furbaby feel better.

  • All natural and made from quality locally sourced ingredients.
  • Grain-free recipe with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
  • Ideal amino acid balance (critical for managing inflammation).

Loved by Thousands of New Zealand Dogs

Loved by Thousands of
New Zealand Dogs

“Mr Delivery Man dropped off this kibble a couple weeks ago. All I can say is it gets a two paws up from me!”
Ralph, Auckland
“Grain free, high protein and eco friendly!! It doesn’t get much better than that!”
Elsa, Dunedin
“Not only does the food just smell amazing, it is made using a natural recipe with chicken.”
Nadira, Wellington

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