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How does Feed My Furbaby subscription work?

We deliver super healthy natural dog food to your door, with a delivery plan made just for your furbaby.
Our flexible plans deliver the best dog food NZ has to offer, right when you need it.


Tell us about your Furbaby

Answer a few quick questions about your dog like age, weight, activity level.


Create a personalised meal plan

We’ll let you know how many calories your dog needs and help you create their personalised feeding plan.


Free scheduled deliveries

Get the perfect amount of natural, NZ made dog food delivered to your door, when you need it.

Fabulous pet food your dog will thrive on, not just survive.

Real food, made fresh

Why buy imported pet food when you can can buy amazing NZ made dog food, with fabulous local ingredients? We make our super healthy dog food in NZ, using all natural ingredients and deliver it straight to you. Its fresher and better for your dog.

Nutrients your dog will thrive on.

We design food for your dog to thrive. Our grain free dog food exceeds all AAFCO (global standard) specifications. Most store bought foods simply ‘meet’ the standards for dogs to survive on... but your dog deserves the best dog food NZ has to offer!

We need simple, healthy, sustainable pet food...

Jack has always been our Furbaby. But when kids came along and life got busier, we found ourselves constantly running out of dog food.
After a busy family morning, and a mad dash to the shop... we decided we’d had enough... “why isn’t there a subscription pet food service in New Zealand?”. So we decided to build it.

Then we opened our eyes! As we started to look at the pet food market we realised its a huge global category dominated by poor nutrition, imported brands, thick plastic packaging and little regard for the planet.

We set about, not just creating convenient, natural, sustainable pet food, but leading a huge global industry towards plastic free pet food.

Our mission is helping humans be the best pet parents we can be. That means taking better care of our pets, our planet and making it so easy you don’t even have to think about it.