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6 Reasons To Try Feed My Furbaby

Published on Oct 25, 2019

We’re all about making exceptional pet food that’s super easy for kiwi families to understand, to buy and to feed daily. Our philosophy at Feed My Furbaby is simple - pets are family, people are busy, and our beautiful planet needs protecting. Our answer is simple, healthy and sustainable pet food that’s designed to make life easier for the everyday pet parents in New Zealand.

Check out our top reasons for why you may want to try a Feed My Furbaby subscription.


It’s a fact, we’re all pretty busy. If we can easily take care of one more thing, like delivering your furbabies food - then that puts a smile on our dial. Your shipping schedule is set to match your dog’s needs, and every box is 5kgs. We’ll take care of the auto-ship so that your next box of food arrives right to your door just before you run out of your current box. Set and forget, then serve it up to your pup.

Premium Food

We’re working with some top-notch dog bikkies! Our dry dog food is a complete and balanced meal for your pet. It’s grain-free, natural and the ingredients are listed on our site so you can have peace of mind when it comes to feeding your furbaby. Did you know it’s all sourced and made right here in New Zealand? That means our food is fresher too.

Check out the chicken sample bag for $4.99 before you commit. Buy your first box now, and get your second order FREE*.

No Hefty Price Tag

How much are you currently paying for pet food per month? Save money with a tailored feeding plan which means you’re not spending more than you have too. With free nationwide delivery on every order, you’re getting high-quality pet food without a hefty price tag.

Planet Friendly

Our sustainable packaging is a game-changer in terms of reducing packaging waste in pet food and being easier on the environment! Here are a few reasons why.

  • Recyclable, compostable cardboard box - reducing plastic materials
  • Local, New Zealand made food - fewer carbon miles
  • Neat, simple to carry and secure packaging which is easy to break down

Do your bit as a responsible pet parent and help reduce your environmental ‘pawprint’.

A Tailored Plan

All furbabies are unique, and they each have their individual requirements. Jump online and tell us about your pup to determine the perfect feeding routine, schedule and cost based on your pets specific needs. We consider the following when tailoring your feeding plan:

  • Weight
  • Age
  • Physical activity (lifestyle)

Rather than wandering around the pet food aisle wondering what looks good on the shelves, you can make quick - smart decisions for your pet. There are no overfeeding issues because your order is tailored to your pets daily nutritional needs. We also send out your easy-to-follow feeding instructions.


Ordering, pausing and cancelling your subscription is as simple as possible with our online-based service. Log in to your personalised dashboard and make adjustments whenever necessary. You’ll also find a ‘ship today’ option if your pup needs food stat. Note that if you order on the weekend, it will be couriered on Monday. Easy as!

You’ll never have to worry about rushing out to repurchase pet food. Discover the ease of a high-quality, subscription-based service like Feed My Furbaby and see the difference our tasty bikkies make to your pups overall health. Get Started to see our latest signup offer