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How often does my box ship?

Your shipping schedule is setup to match each individual dog’s needs - a box is always 5kgs so big dogs will get more regular shipments than small dogs and vice versa. We auto-ship your next box to arrive just before your current box runs out.
Payments go out just before each box ships, so they are on the same schedule as your shipments (i.e. tailored to your dogs needs). We let you know 3 days before we process a payment so you know to expect it and that your new box is nearly on its way.
The feeding label on your box will tell you when your next box is due. There’s a handy ‘kibble window’ indicator in your dashboard that predicts how much food you should have left in your box. You can also login to your account, select either the pet profile or ‘orders’ and you’ll see your current and next order details.
Go to your account, select the pet profile and hit the ‘ship today’ button. We’ll get an urgent order processed straight away. (Please note ship today orders receive on a weekend will be couriered on Monday morning) Your regular schedule will resume from the day that your order is processed - if you need to make changes to your delivery schedule, just follow your nose through your pet's profile. Watch how you can opt for ship today.

Process a 'Ship Today' Order

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Sure! If you’re going away or need a break for some reason, just head over to your account page, select the pet profile click ‘pause’ or ‘skip’.

How to Pause and Resume your scheduled deliveries

How to Pause and Resume your scheduled deliveries

How to skip an order

How to skip an order

If you need to cancel for any reason, just head over to your account page, click ‘change my subscription’ and then ‘Unsubscribe’. We’ll be sad to see you go, so if it’s something we did we’d really appreciate an email with feedback so we can fix it for others.
We have carefully selected all our ingredients for nutritional value and sustainable considerations but if there's something that doesn’t fit for your pup’s diet we’d still love to hear from you. Initially we are launching with just one highly nutritious dry dog food but we are already working on new flavors and varieties, so please drop us a note and tell us what you’d like to see next.
If you’ve got more than one furbaby, you can simply add multiple furbaby profiles in your dashboard. You can also click ‘Add Another Pet’ at any stage while you’re processing through the cart or checkout.
Every furbaby is different so we set up each of yours on a custom feeding plan and send them each their own box - they’ll each have their own feeding label and delivery schedule. Shipping is free so you don’t pay extra for additional shipments (we will combine shipments where possible).
Your First order: new orders received before 4pm will ship the same day on an overnight courier (2-3 days for South Island).
Repeat orders: You can see your 'Next Order' date on your feeding label and in your pet's profile. Orders are couriered out on your 'Next Order' date and you'll always get an email notification 3 days before a scheduled order so that you've got time to check things and make changes if you need. If your repeat order day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it will be couriered Monday morning.
We’re fans of feeding twice a day but once is fine if that’s what you and your pup prefer. Your feeding label shows the total daily requirement so make sure you halve the daily for each meal if you’re feeding twice a day.
To use your voucher code, you must add your voucher code into the My Vouchers section on the dashboard. Click to see how :Watch Video.

Apply a voucher code

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Changing your delivery frequency is simple and can be done at any time. Just go to your pet profile and click on the + or - days button. Here's a little video to show you how: Watch Video tip: If you're running out of food you might need to increase your frequency. If you're finding your box arrives before your current box is nearly empty, you might need to decrease your frequency.

How to change your delivery frequency

Check out a video I made via Loom